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General Membership

There is a full membership CPAC meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  All CPAC meetings are open to the public.  This meeting is a place to get monthly updates from the CPAC committees, public agencies (such as DCYF, HSA, First 5, etc), and the child care community.  There are also regular presentations on issues pertinent to the early childhood education field.

Meetings: Meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month; 9:00 -11:00am; at 445 Church Street, Room 120
Chairs: Sandee Blechman

General Membership Meeting Minutes- October 2015
General Membership Meeting Minutes-September 2015
General Membership Meeting Minutes- June 2015
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Minutes-General Membership July 2013
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General Membership Meeting Minutes prior to March 2013

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the CPAC Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and all standing and ad-hoc committee Chairs. The Executive Committee is charged with the oversight and management of all CPAC business including contracts and subcommittees, providing support and direction to subcommittees, planning membership meetings, and coordinating planning and advocacy efforts with the community, funders, and government (local, state and national). The Executive Committee also sets the work priorities of the CPAC Coordinator.

Meetings: Meets every 4th Wednesday of the month; 9:00- 11:00am; at 445 Church Street, Rm 431
Chairs: Sandee Belchman

Executive Committee- November 2015
Executive Committee- October 2015
Executive Committee- September 2015
Executive Committee- June 2015
Executive Committee- May 2015
Executive Commiittee-April 2015
Executive Committee- March 2015
Executive Committee-February 2015
Executive Committee- Januaury 2015
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Executive Committee- September 2014
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Executive Committee-prior to February 2013
Signed City Ordinance-Revised 2009
CPAC By-Laws (revised 2009)

CDE Contractors/SRR Pilot

CDE Contractor's Committee is comprised of those California Department of Education Child Development Division Title 5 contractors participating in San Francisco's Individualized Child Care Subsidy Pilot Project and others interested in the work of the committee. The CDE Contractor's Committee is charged with problem-solving and planning for the stabilization of CDE subsidized child care for San Francisco. The Committee works with the SRR Pilot administrators to plan, implement, and modify the Pilot project in order to make the most of CDE subsidized child care monies citywide. The CDE Contractors Committee collaborates with CDE Contractors in other counties and with other community partners, including parents and businesses, to advocate for funding and programs that work well for children, families, and agencies.

Meetings: Meets the 2nd Thursday of every other month; 3:00- 5:00pm; at 445 Church St
Chairs: Fonda Davidson, Graham Dobson

CDE Contractors- May 2015
CDE Contractors- March 2015
CDE Contractors- November 2014
CDE Contractors- September 2014
CDE Contractors- July 2014
CDE Contractors- May 2014
CDE Contractors Meeting- November 2013
CDD/CDE Contractors-June 2013
CDD/CDE Contractors- April 2013
CDE Contractors/SRR Pilot Notes prior to April 2013

Inclusion Committee

The Inclusion subcommittee of CPAC was established in 2002 to lead the creation and implementation of a citywide strategic plan to promote inclusive child care for children through age 13 in San Francisco. Inclusive child care means offering programs where children with special health care needs and typically developing children learn and play side by side.  It means creating environments where children with disabilities are not only included, but genuinely belong.  Research shows that these environments significantly benefit children with disabilities, their families, and their peers.

Meetings: Contact for details.
Chairs: Deidre Hayden

Inclusion Committee- April 2013
Inclusion Committee Notes prior to April 2013

Legislation & Public Policy Committee

The Legislation & Public Policy subcommittee of CPAC monitors, reviews, and analyzes local, state, and federal budgets and makes recommendations to CPAC about any proposed legislation or public policy related to early care and education that may impact families in San Francisco.

Meetings: Meets the 1st Friday of the month; 9:30- 11:30am; at 445 Church Street, Rm 120
Chairs: Monica Walters

Budget & Leg- November 2015
Budget & Leg- October 2015
Budget & Leg- September 2015
Budget & Leg- June 2015
Budget & Leg- May 2015
Budge & Leg- March 2015
Budge & Leg-February 2015
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Joint: Budget & Leg/ CF/PEEF- November 2013
Budget & Leg- June 2013
Budget & Leg- April 2013
Budget & Leg- March 2013
Budget and Legislation Notes prior to March 2013

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee makes recommendations to the CPAC Full Membership in regards to member vacancies, new members, outreach, and elections.

For more information, please contact Tony Tyson, CPAC Coordinator-

Meetings: Meets as needed
Chairs: E'Leva Gibson

Needs Assessment Committee

Every 5 years CPAC is mandated to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of early childhood education in San Francisco.  The last assessment was completed in 2012 can be found on our resource page.  We will be working on the Needs Assessment througt the Spring of 2017.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Tony Tyson, CPAC Coordinator at

Meetings: Meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month; 9:00 -11:00am; at 445 Church Street, Room 120
Chairs: Graham Dobson

CPAC Needs Assessment 2012-13 FINAL
CPAC Needs Assessment Executive Summary

Week of the Young Child Committee

The Week of the Young Child Subcommittee is an ad hoc committee/work group that convenes annually to organize and coordinate citywide activities and events in conjunction with the nationwide celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Committee members agree to participate in five to six planning meetings and often work on at least one of the week's events.  If you are interested in joining this committee please contact Tony Tyson, CPAC Coordinator at

Meetings: Meetings begin annually in December
Chairs: TBD

Workforce Committee

The Workforce Subcommittee of CPAC plays a leadership role on behalf of CPAC in advocating for, designing, and implementing a citywide system to ensure San Francisco's early childhood workforce has the resources and skills necessary to provide the highest quality care possible to the city's children and families.

Meetings: Meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month; 11:30am- 1:30pm; at 445 Church Street, Rm 120
Chairs: September Jarrett

Workforce Committee- October 2015
Workforce Committee- September 2015
Workforce Committee- July 2015
Workforce Committee- June 2015
Workforce Committee- May 2015
Workforce Committee-April 2015
Workforce Committee-March 2015
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Workforce Committee prior to March 2013

Children's Fund/Public Education Enrichment Fund

For questions please contatct 

Meetings: Monthly-TBD
Chairs: Sandee Blechman

Joint-CF/PEEF & Budget Legislation September 2013
CF/PEEF- September 2013
CF/PEEF- July 2013